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We all live connected. Every day, we look for ways to make new connections, and make the old ones stronger. Our purpose at Incredible Connection is to help you live connected – at home and away. This is the Incredible Connection Online Connectivity store powered by Ignite – and is your first step to getting connected.

Our suite of connectivity solutions give you the speed, reliability and flexibility to enjoy the freedom of the web at its best. Furthermore, Incredible Connection has the best store footprint with the widest range of products and excellent services to support all your technology needs.

Connect your home

A home network means all your devices, from your smartphone to your gaming consoles and printer, connect to the Internet and each other. It also means you can control your home electronics remotely. All you need to get started is an Internet connection, a router and modem. It’s that easy!


Don’t be the person with the slow connection during an epic battle. Enjoy high-quality, multi-player LAN gaming experiences as you rid the world of digital villains one baddie at a time!


Watch your favourite series and movies on multiple devices and share them – with no compromise on quality. And don’t worry about competing with your housemate for bandwidth, we have more than enough to go around!

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